Monday Markets for Writers

Monday brings the weekly batch of no-fee competitions/contests, paying submission calls, and jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction).

  • Open for submissions: “Milkweed Editions is a nonprofit literary press, publishing between fifteen and twenty books each year. Founded in 1980, we have published nearly three hundred titles and are committed to attracting and retaining outstanding writers whose work is of enduring value. Our mission is to identify, nurture and publish transformative literature, and build an engaged community around it.” Considers fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and middle grade/YA. (h/t Lené A. Gary)
  • I’m not normally an enthusiastic sharer of contests that employ public voting, but I’m making an exception to tell you about the Second Annual Work Stew Essay Contest, organized by one of my college classmates (public voting leads to the selection of finalists, but a judge chooses the winner). Here’s the prompt: “Bring us into your world. What is something about your work (past or present) that outsiders typically don’t understand? It can be something required by the job, something that happens on the job, something you feel about the job—but whatever it is, do not exceed 800 words.” Prizes: 1st place, $1,000; 2nd place, $400; 3rd place, $100. As always, be sure to read the fine print! There’s no entry fee, and the deadline is July 22, 2013.
  • From Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts: “Interstitial writing breaks rules, transgresses boundaries, and cross-pollinates the fields of literature. Working between, across, through, and around the borders of literary forms, it falls between the cracks of other movements, terms, and definitions. We are looking for work that blurs the lines between literary genres (contemporary realism, mystery, historical, fantasy, speculative fiction, westerns), as well as pieces that bridge fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry.” Submission window closes July 31, 2013. Pays: $.05/word for fiction, $20/poem, $.03/word for nonfiction. NB: “We’re also interested in interviews with boundary-crossing artists. Please query if you know someone you’d like to interview, and let us know why you think this person’s work would interest us. We seek interviews of 2000-3000 words, and pay a flat rate of $50/interview.” (h/t @Duotrope)
  • From the American Psychoanalytic Association: “The Award for Excellence in Journalism recognizes professional reporting of outstanding merit that contributes in an exceptional way to the public understanding of psychoanalytic and psychological principles and phenomena. The $1,000 award is broadly conceived. Nominated work need not be specifically about psychoanalysis or psychotherapy per se. And, nominated work may critique or question psychoanalysis as long as it advances understanding of human relationships and/or the life of the mind.” Eligibility: The submitted work “must have been written in English, intended for the layperson, and must have been first published between July 1 and June 30 for decision the following October. The deadline for submissions is September 16, 2013.”
  • “The Department of English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks a fiction writer at the rank of assistant professor (tenure-track). We welcome applications from writers with excellent records of publication, teaching, and service. Candidates with administrative and fund-raising experience, and qualifications in a secondary genre (poetry, creative non-fiction, screen writing), are preferred.”