Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: While I’m Away

I’m heading out to the West Coast early this morning for a family event, so I’m going to “cheat” and give you the weekly “finds for writers” links, which usually show up here on Friday, today. And I’m taking Friday “off.” Have a great few days–see you back here on Monday! And Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

  • It began as an innocent conversation between two riders on the D.C. Metro about Lauren Groff’s Arcadia. Here’s what happened next.
  • “8 Important Questions to Ask Before You Publish Your Book.” More wisdom from Carol Tice.
  • “My [paternal] grandparents had only one child, and the next generation is just me and my sister…so the story is mine to work out and tell.” Those could be my words, but they aren’t. They’re Rebecca Makkai’s, in a fascinating conversation organized around her amazing new Harper’s piece.
  • One writer tests his theory that “publishing in print literary journals is useless.”
  • Quite possibly, you’ve already heard the news that Alice Munro has declared her retirement from short-story writing. I’ll confess that I’m not looking forward to the all-too-likely wave of essays that will follow this announcement. Still, this New York Times article is worth a read, especially for the encouraging quote: “I think short stories are taken more seriously now than they were.”
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    1. Cherri says:

      Great post, Erika! Enjoyed them all today. Frankly, I always love your Friday links, and should tell you more often. Hope your trip, and Independence Day, was wonderful.


      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Thank you so much, Cherri!

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