Wednesday’s WIP: All Together Now, Or A Completed Essay Sequence

SU13_coverLast week brought the release of my essay “Lucky Day” in Proto magazine, which is published by Massachusetts General Hospital. The essay is part of the magazine’s “First Person” series, which “originates at the other end of the stethoscope, presenting essays and commentary from patients, consumers and other medical outsiders.”

“Lucky Day” is the fourth essay to be published in what I call my “Sunday in the City” sequence. I’ve mentioned this sequence before. Now, and with thanks to all of the editors who have made this possible, I’d like to present the essays in chronological order–not chronological in terms of either their composition or their publication dates–but rather chronologically insofar as the reader encounters them in a linear way, moving directly forward through the events described:

  • “Sunday in the City,” carte blanche, Fall 2012
  • “Lucky Day,” Proto, Summer 2013
  • “Before Sunrise,” Brevity, March 2013
  • “At the Station House,” Contrary, Summer 2013
  • Yes, there’s one more essay idea that I’ve toyed with that might belong here. But for now, at any rate, I think that the series is complete. Perhaps you will agree.

    P.S. At long last, I’ve attempted to (re)organize my website’s nonfiction writing page. Thoughts or suggestions?

    4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s WIP: All Together Now, Or A Completed Essay Sequence

    1. You touched on so many compelling notes of reality in so few words — optimism, trauma, despair, injustice, relationships, power, hope … Outstanding.

    2. Shaun Hunter says:

      Thank you for gathering these fine essays in one place. They still take my breath away, Erika.

    3. Jennifer says:

      What a moving series – especially your descriptions of the lineup, the conditions in the precinct house- so glad to have the chance to read all the stories.

    4. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you ALL so much for those kind and generous comments.

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