Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to read over the weekend.

  • A superb post by Chuck Sambuchino on “how to support an author’s new book” – replete with 11 suggestions! (I’d add only that the book needn’t necessarily be new!) (h/t The McNeese Review)
  • I would have been impressed with Susan Kushner Resnick’s profile of Pulitzer prize-winner Gilbert King even if Sue and I weren’t friends. I’m so glad that The Writer has put the article online so everyone can see it. (Be sure to read King’s “5 Writing Tips” at the end.)
  • Beautiful piece on the Beyond the Margins site by another friend, Andrea L. Volpe, on lessons learned from an unpublished essay.
  • Lots of interest in this week’s “work-in-progress” post re: “immigrant fiction.” Have you chimed in yet? On a related note: This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of “The German Refugee,” an exceptional (and much-anthologized) short story by Bernard Malamud. The Forward‘s “Arty Semite” blog has been kind enough to republish a post of mine about that story (which appeared initially on Ron Hogan’s Beatrice blog).
  • Story endings! I won’t ever be able to learn enough about crafting them. I’m grateful for Nelly Reifler’s recent lesson on the subject.
  • The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) has launched its new blog, “The Writer’s Notebook,” with an (unsurprisingly) excellent post by Steve Almond: The Writer’s Essential Tool: Self-Inventory. (P.S. On the AWP Facebook page, I’ve inquired about the new blog (you’re welcome!) and received the following response: “We plan to share new posts on a semi-monthly basis, and currently we’re working with solicited content only. Future topics will cover advice on Craft & Critique, ‘What I’m Reading’, Publishing/Agenting/Contests, Teaching, and Writing Conferences. We look forward to sharing more!”
  • Have a great weekend, everyone!