Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • If you were under a rock or otherwise off the grid yesterday, you may be one of the last people to not yet know that Alice Munro has won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. Some of the Munro-related material that I’m looking forward to sifting through this weekend includes a treasure trove of appreciations that appeared in Virginia Quarterly Review several years ago, a blog post and review essay by D.G. Myers, and a Missouri Review essay by Cheryl Strayed.
  • A timely post (given the above) on “what makes a good short story,” by Best American Short Stories series editor Heidi Pitlor. (h/t @JonnyPapers, though soon after he shared it, I saw it everywhere.)
  • For your weekend listening: a podcast of a conversation between André Aciman and Aleksandar Hemon on displacement, exile, and memory.
  • Couldn’t wait to dig in when I saw that Rebecca Klempner had written a post on writing in the second person. (Then I was surprised and honored to see myself mentioned therein.)
  • I’ll admit it: I couldn’t accomplish as much as I do interview/Q & A-wise if I didn’t rely on email mode. Some writers think email interviews are just THE WORST. But there are ways to improve them, as Carol Tice points out.
  • Have a great weekend, everyone.

    4 thoughts on “Friday Finds for Writers

    1. Phyl says:

      Great post today. Thanks.

    2. Ann-Louise Truschel says:

      Charlie Rose (PBS) had a wonderful interview with Alice Munro yesterday. Although Ms. Munro says she dislikes interviews, she was just great!

    3. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you both! @Ann-Louise, I’m also going to look up Munro’s PARIS REVIEW interview, which I saw someone mentioned yesterday.

    4. R Klempner says:

      Thanks for sending people over my way again! I can’t wait to follow up on your other links.

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