Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • A return to the issues of “niceness” in book reviews, the differences between reviews and publicity pieces, and similar topics, occasioned by the announcement of Isaac Fitzgerald’s new job.
  • On the Ploughshares blog, Rebecca Makkai shares “14 Ways to Tick Off a Writer.” (I confess that I’m guilty of committing #11–albeit in an un-patronizing way [I hope]. I really do believe that completing a novel draft is a huge achievement.)
  • Need some help with your poems? (I sure do.) Check out Carmen Giménez Smith’s “Twenty-two Poem Hacks” on the Harriet blog.
  • Speaking of poetry: Diane Lockward follows up on the fate of six rejected poems.
  • Jane Friedman offers tips on finding and working with a book publicist.
  • Have a great weekend.