Wednesday’s WIP: Hanukkah Stories

Watching my grandfather--a refugee from Nazism and a U.S. Army WWII veteran--kindle the Hanukkah candles in 1972.
Watching my grandfather–a refugee from Nazi Germany and a U.S. Army WWII veteran–kindle the Hanukkah candles in 1972.



This evening brings the conclusion of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

Two years ago, I was privileged to have a short story included on National Public Radio’s “Hanukkah Lights” broadcast. That story, “Fidelis,” was on my mind last week when I caught this article in The New York Times Magazine about a World War II battle (Tarawa) that is central to it.

“Fidelis” is still available online, if you wish to listen to it. It’s the fourth of the four stories in the 2011 broadcast.