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Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure ChestWriting-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • One year later: Remember Richard Blanco’s poem for President Obama’s second inauguration? Did you know that Blanco would have preferred reading another poem he wrote for the occasion?
  • I love this essay by A. Papatya Bucak: “An Address to My Fellow Faculty Who Have Asked Me to Speak About My Work.” (It’s part of the new issue of Brevity.)
  • Sandra Beckwith suggests “7 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book As Soon As You Finish the First Draft.”
  • There’s much in Lisa Romeo’s post “Poetry for Prose Writers” that resonates with me–especially concerning the influence of my MFA experience on expanding my comfort level with contemporary poetry.
  • And for your weekend viewing/listening pleasure: video from the “hangout” featuring Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro (some rough techno-patches, but of course delightful overall). (h/t @JewishFictioNet)
  • Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Thanks for the mention, Erika, and I’m glad to know my post resonated with you. I’m actually thinking of signing up for an online poetry class, as I believe you once did. Suggestions?

    2. Thanks very much, Erika. This is such a great list; I had to devour it right away. It threw my morning plans off a bit but it was worth it.

    3. The Romeo article has been shared everywhere i can share it. Once again, another gem you have graciously shared. Thank you!

    4. Phyl & CD: Thanks so much for the enthusiastic responses!

    5. Thanks for the great resources! I especially enjoyed Lisa’s post regarding the benefits of reading (and writing) poetry. I think I may have been persuaded to reconsider my avoidance of poetry…

    6. Earlier in the week I was watching a video of Richard Blanco reading his poem at the inauguration. For some reason he was on my mind. He’s a good poet and I am happy to have discovered him.

      • Myra, I had the opportunity to meet him (and have him sign a copy of the inauguration poem) at last year’s AWP conference. A happy moment.

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