Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: Five Not-So-Easy Pieces

Right now I am tracking the publication of five new pieces that should be out in the world this spring. They’re all freelance–by which I mean that I have been or will be paid for all of them–and they’re all nonfiction. And, with the exception of one “quickie,” which seemed to write itself, they were each quite challenging.

Two have already been published. One (the one that seemed to write itself) looks at stories and poems about writing for the ReadLearnWrite website. The second is a review of Aharon Appelfeld’s Suddenly, Love (trans. Jeffrey M. Green) for the Los Angeles-based Jewish Journal.

A third should be showing up in the mail any day. And I can let you in on it because someone else already has:

The final two are the mysteries. I haven’t yet found out exactly when they’ll appear. Suffice to say that I’m quite excited about them (each will mark my first byline with the associated publication). And I look forward to sharing them with you!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress: Five Not-So-Easy Pieces

  1. I know those feelings well, Erika. I have a story in an anthology that for various reasons has been delayed for more than three years. It should pop up in the next month. Finally!

    Anybody attending the Windy City Pulp & Paperback show this weekend in the Chicago area, please stop by my author’s table. (End of plug. ;^} )

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Yes, waiting is hard, Erwin. Enjoy your show!

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