Jewish Literary Links for Shabbat

Photo Credit: Reut Miryam Cohen
Every Friday morning My Machberet presents an assortment of Jewish-interest links, primarily of the literary variety.

  • Now available: the summer issue of the Jewish Review of Books (though much seems to be paywall-protected).
  • Lots of terrific material (no paywalls!) in the latest Jewish Book Carnival, too.
  • “ZEEK is proud to be launching a new summer fiction series” and seeks submissions. Deadline: July 1. NB: “Full disclosure: Zeek does not pay contributors.”
  • And speaking of fiction, Tablet has posted another piece in its fiction series, this time by Alexander Besher. Haven’t read it yet; hope to do so this weekend.
  • The Forward is hiring a Digital Fellow.
  • Shabbat shalom.

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    1. Rebecca Boroson says:

      I’ve been trying to subscribe to both sites, but feed burner brings me to my husband’s google account. Any suggestions?


      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Hi, Rebecca:

        First, thanks so much for trying! I don’t have an answer for you–I’ve recently learned that Apples don’t take RSS feeds any more (?). I’m going to have to check this with my webmaster; if I find anything out, I’ll be sure to let you know.

        Thanks again,

        1. Erika Dreifus says:

          Rebecca, I’ve just emailed you a response from my webmaster. Hope that it’s helpful.

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