Sunday Sentence

In which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

Penn_Station1Its graceful Greek columns were sawed through and its great clocks, its carved-stone eagles, and the maiden sculptures that represented Night and Day were pulled down and taken over to New Jersey, where they were dumped in the swamps of Secaucus, like the body of a murdered mob stoolie.

Source: Kevin Baker, “21st Century Limited: The Lost Glory of America’s Railroads,” in the June 2014 issue of Harper’s. (Online availability for subscribers only.)

Again, I know I’m not supposed to offer context or commentary, but it was rather amazing to read about New York’s Penn Station, old and new (the “old” is the subject of the above-cited sentence), moments after departing from the “new” late Friday afternoon.

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  1. Not all of Penn Station disappeared. Here in Kansas City, Missouri, the sculpture above the 7th Street entrance serves as part of the Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain.

    Look here:

    Information on other parts is here:

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Most interesting! Thank you for sharing!

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