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Wednesday’s Work-in-Progress

Writing practice goings-on from the past week:

  • Within the past week, I’ve received the first two rejections in response to the literary humor piece I mentioned here awhile back. So, said piece is now off to find a possible home for the third time. Will that be the charm? One can hope.
  • Last Friday–the first of our six-week summer schedule at the day job, whereby we work longer M-Th and get Fridays off–I spent a chunk of time revising my newest poem. I think that it is improving (slowly).
  • I’m making slow but steady progress on my next essay-review for The Missouri Review. Still rereading/taking notes on the books; hope to begin writing over the long holiday weekend.
  • I have renewed my Paris Review subscription. (Thanks to @mathitak for cluing me in to the fact that the summer 2014 issue was already out; that made me check on my subscription, which had expired. And thanks to the NBCC for the cool membership benefit of a 25 percent subscription discount for this particular magazine!)
  • Yesterday I awakened to discover that this here website was down. To make a long story short, my amazing webmaster saved the day with a new strategy (which includes a new hosting service).
  • And, last but not least: I sent out the July issue of The Practicing Writer this week. I’m delighted to feature a Q&A with Celeste Ng in this issue along with the usual range of no-fee contest info and calls for work from paying litmags & presses.
  • And how about you? Anything you care to share from your past week’s writing practice?

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    1. Dear Erika,

      Most of the “progress” part of my “work in progress” is all due to you and the links you post on Mondays and Fridays. I wrote a very short short story based on something I was told a couple of years ago. I tried placing it, failed each time but then read about Hippocampus magazine on one of your Monday Markets for Writers. I sent the piece off and it was accepted for this month’s issue. Anyone interested can find it at http://www.hippocampusmagazine.com/2014/07/runner-by-clive-collins/

      Thank you again, Erika and good luck with your own projects,


      • Clive, thank you for posting! Everyone, I hope that you will go read Clive’s piece (it’s wonderful) and check out Hippocampus more generally. I’m not sure exactly when I mentioned it–I don’t think they pay, so it may not have been on a Monday–but I’ve published with them, too.

    2. My WIP is a short story I’m reworking due to a recent rejection, with an attached critique. I learned a valuable lesson, listen to my critique partner before submitting, she’s most often right. At least she was this time. Love your blog.

      • As with my poem, Jean, revising is so key to work-in-progress. Good luck, and thank for the kind words re: the blog.

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