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Friday Finds for Writers

Treasure Chest
Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • As I’ve mentioned elsewhere this week, Wil S. Hylton’s profile of Laura Hillenbrand for The New York Times magazine provides an excellent craft seminar in narrative nonfiction.
  • “In fact, it feels strangely simple: I have used up my material, the stuff from which I craft stories. I don’t have anything now. Maybe I will have more soon. Or not soon. Or not.” From Robin Black’s resonant (and much-cited among my Twitter connections) essay “On Being Empty: When a Writer Isn’t Writing.”
  • Terrific spotlight on poet Joan Naviyuk Kane in the latest Harvard Magazine.
  • To a considerable extent, librarian and book reviewer Deb Baker’s post “On Being ‘Discontinued'” is another installment in the ongoing “writing for free” discussion.
  • “Jill Lepore had written my book.” That’s what Noah Berlatsky discovered some months ago. Here’s what happened next.
  • Enjoy the weekend, all!

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    1. Deb Baker’s post is interesting. I just had my Senior News Newspaper book review column discontinued after more than 10 years of work. I was never paid. I still don’t have any idea why I was dropped. Neither does my former editor as the Publisher made the decision without explanation.

    2. Good find, Erika! I so want to do Kane’s Native poets retreat!! Just love her work, and somehow missed this article.

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