Friday Finds for Writers

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Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to enjoy over the weekend.

  • Sometimes it takes me too long to get around to reading (or watching or listening to) everything I bookmark with a “favorite” on Twitter. Such is the case with this video, “Ta-Nehisi Coates in Conversation with A.O. Scott and Anna Holmes,” which I finally spent some quality time with last weekend. It opens with a tribute to the late David Carr.
  • An excellent post on writerly etiquette from Randy Susan Meyers (I’m convinced that we’re somehow related, because her grandma sounds exactly like my mom).
  • “This situation of negotiating work from visiting writers is tenuous and anxious–and increasingly maddening. Seeing what other departments get from their visiting artists ony makes me want to get more from ours.” Read more on the question of what campuses should expect from visiting writers on John Vanderslice’s Payperazzi blog.
  • As noted by Ron Charles and others, tomorrow is Bookstore Day! Support your favorite independent bookstore(s)! (I mean, who has just ONE favorite bookstore?)
  • ICYMI: the latest issue of The Practicing Writer. Featuring an AWP wrap-up of sorts that I felt compelled to write after I saw Nina Badzin’s comment on this post. Plus, of course, a slew of no-fee/paying opportunities in fiction, poetry, and cnf.
  • Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

    8 thoughts on “Friday Finds for Writers

    1. Thanks for the blurb, Erika. Yes, this is an issue of concern to me.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        It’s an important post, John. Thanks for writing it.

    2. Drew Myron says:

      Randy Susan Meyers’ etiquette advice is so spot-on. Thanks for sharing it with us.

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Isn’t it, Drew?

    3. Erika,
      Time for us to do a family tree, yes?
      Thanks for the lovely mention.
      Warmest, Randy

      1. Erika Dreifus says:


    4. Hi Erika,
      Thanks for the wonderful Friday Finds of the last few weeks! I love being introduced to writers and editors that I don’t know. Randy’s piece on writerly etiquette is great!

      1. Erika Dreifus says:

        Thank you so much for saying so, Michele!

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