Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Weekend Work

I spent a chunk of time over the weekend reviewing the proofs of this essay, which will appear in the forthcoming Third-Generation Holocaust Narratives: Memory in Memoir and Fiction.


I’ll confess that I was a little overwhelmed to see the essay in near-final form—and truly humbled to discover that, as Chapter One, it opens the book. (In case you’re reading closely, I have indeed caught and changed the too-close appearance of “ends” and “end” in the first paragraph!)

No, it wasn’t easy to write this essay. But I’m grateful that editor Victoria Aarons invited me to do so. And I’m eager to read everything written for this book by Victoria and all of the other contributors.

By the way, I’m told that review copies may be available from the publisher. Also, the editor is happy to be interviewed about the book. Please contact her directly if you’re interested. Do note that although the book page on the publisher’s site currently offers a September 2016 publication date, the book may be out a bit later this fall. (I have not been paid for this essay, and I won’t be receiving any royalties, so my only “interest” in promoting the book is my own engagement with the subject matter.)

Tally Time!

My, how quickly time flies. It hasn’t been all that long since I shared the May Poetry Has Value tallies with you. But within the past week, Jessica Piazza has begun posting poets’ submission stats for the month of June.

If you want to head over directly to my contribution, you’ll find it here. But, again, I encourage you to take a look at everyone’s posts.

Recent Read

One of the benefits of being part of the Poetry Has Value community is the chance I’ve heard to learn about other poets and their work. Fellow PHV blogger Katie Manning has a new chapbook out, and I read it this past weekend.

The chapbook’s title is A Door With a Voice, and you can learn more about the work on Katie’s site. (NB: You can download this chapbook for free from Agape Editions.)

I plan to write a bit more about this chapbook soon, likely on my “other” blog. Stay tuned!

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