Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Tally Time!

The most recent updates (for August) have begun to be posted over on Poetry Has Value. As always, I encourage you to read all of the posts from my contributing bloggers.

But if you want to skip directly to my submission, you’ll find it right here.

Meet My Marvelous Colleague!


If you’re planning to attend BinderCon in New York at the end of October, you might be able to meet my wonderful colleague Michelle Caplan. Michelle is the Fig Tree Book EiC, and she’s one of the editors who, along with agents, will be entertaining “speed pitches” that weekend. Check out this blog post over on the Fig Tree Books website for more info. (Even if you can’t make it to BinderCon, the post will let you know a little bit more about Michelle and the kind of work that she’s hoping to fall in love with.)

Other Updates

Our little group has received some encouraging news (that we’re not yet prepared to announce, alas) regarding an absolutely wonderful venue for an “off-site” version of our “rejected” AWP panel. (We knew that we were on to something!) I know that I keep saying this, but: STAY TUNED! We’ll tell you before February!

And finally–the essay that I’ve been whining about over the past couple of weeks remains unfinished. But over the weekend, I decided to carve out a slice of it and write a somewhat shorter, more focused piece. And I’ve been able to place it! Should be online in October. Believe me, I’ll keep you posted!

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