Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

CvLD6ILWgAAVzL8A Night at the New York Society Library

Last Wednesday evening found me at the New York Society Library, where I participated with other Library members in reading from our recent work. With a five-minute limit, I read three poems: one that was recently published; one that was recently accepted for publication but has not yet appeared; and one that continues to seek a home (how’s that for a euphemism to replace “has been rejected 25 times [and counting]”—yes, that is an accurate tally, not an exaggeration). To be fair to myself, however, that poem has received one of the most amazing rejection notes I’ve collected over all these years of writing and sending out my work. (And speaking of tallies—and rejections—there’s a new batch of updates over on the Poetry Has Value site, including one from me.)

The Library always does such a beautiful job hosting these evenings (there is food! and wine!), and I’m always inspired by so much of what other people share. This reading was also memorable because I brought a small fan club: my mom, and my close friend Rachel Hall, who was in town for events connected with Heirlooms, her new book.

New Milestone

Earlier this year, I attended my first press preview for a film. Which resulted in this article for the Forward.

Today—maybe even while you’re reading this post—I’ll be attending at my first press preview for a museum exhibition. And, if all goes according to plan, you should soon see an article about what I see there in an outlet I’ve admired for a long time and am excited to finally have a chance to write for.


This week I’m putting finishing touches on both the new issue of The Practicing Writer (which will feature a Q&A with Alexandra Zapruder) and the latest newsletter from Fig Tree Books. I’m always thrilled to welcome new subscribers to each publication. (Hint, hint.)