Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Closing Out 2016

Happy New Year, people! Over the past week, I’ve been spending time following some of my own advice in terms of looking back on what happened in my writing practice in 2016 (and, yes, looking ahead to what I hope to work on in 2017).

This means that I’m working on a version of Lisa Romeo’s “I Did It!” list and completing Annette Gendler’s latest workbook. (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that means you haven’t yet read the January issue of The Practicing Writer, which went out to subscribers a few days ago—and is available online for everyone for the remainder of this month.)

Meantime, over on my other blog, I’ve assembled the latest in a series of year-end posts regarding my past 12 months in Jewish books.

And I’ve also completed and sent in my final Poetry Has Value update, covering December and providing a year-round earnings total. I don’t know when our PHV leader will post those updates, but the November batch is now available on the PHV site.

Speaking of Poetry

If you happen to be an editor (or know one) who might be interested in running a tribute poem in honor of Lorrie Moore–whose 60th birthday is coming up on January 13–please leave  a comment. I just may have the thing for you, and there’s no time like the present! (Yes, I know that this seems random and possibly desperate, but imagine if it works out!)

#AWP17 Update

Remember when I told you that a panel proposal that I’d organized for the upcoming #AWP17 conference in Washington had been rejected? Remember that I mentioned that we were continuing to pursue off-site options?

Well, I’m proud to announce this event: