Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Breakfast Meeting: Reinventing the Book Club

I’m just back from my first visit to the impressive LMHQ event space, where I was able to watch two lit-world stars in conversation. (Bonus: The event was on Facebook Live, and you can catch the video here.)

From the Audience

One day, I may get back to my project of learning how to write plays. Until then, I’m simply going to see them. For some of the plays on my radar at the moment, check out this new post on the My Machberet blog.


On My To-Do List

My brain feels as though it is crammed with items on my to-do (or at least to-consider-doing) list: AWP proposal(s). A residency application (the first in a long, long while). Two newsletters to draft and send by the end of this month. And a few other project-y things I’m not even prepared to name.

Never mind some “real’ writing. I feel as though I could use a few extra hours each day. (Somehow, I suspect I am not alone in this! ;-)) I’m just feeling a tad overwhelmed. Again—I’m guessing that many of you know this feeling….