Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Back Home

I returned Sunday evening from an absolutely wonderful week in Vermont, where I was a first-time attendee at the Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) Postgraduate Writers Conference. This was one of my all-time best conference experiences. (And in a later post, or perhaps in a freelance piece if I can get any editor[s] interested, I’ll say more about why that’s so.)

For now, please enjoy this photo of some faculty books.


All About Lines (and Line Breaks)

I will add one more bit about my conference week: In our poetry-manuscript workshop, we talked a lot about lineation. And so, above you’ll see a reading assignment I’ve now given myself.

On the Horizon

Among other projects, I’m working on the September issue of The Practicing Writer. Along with the ever-reliable array of fee-free/paying opportunities, this issue will feature a Q&A piece with Matthew Zapruder, whose most recent book is Why Poetry. It’s never too late to subscribe!