Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Beautiful Bookcase

Few things are as beautiful to a writer-reader as an empty bookcase, am I right?

My parents are downsizing, and so this bookcase arrived in my apartment yesterday.

The bookcase has been part of my parents’ lives longer than I have! It was their first big purchase as newlyweds. And yes, family lore holds that even as a baby, I was drawn to the bookcase. I loved being held up to look at (and touch) the books. (There is some evidence of this on home movies, and it’s pretty cute, if I say so myself.)

I have been looking forward to the bookcase’s arrival for quite some time, but now I’m daunted. Which books belong in THIS case? Which ones should I transfer from other shelves/cases? Which ones currently resting in stacks/piles belong here? There has to be a strategy somewhere, here.

ICYMI: My Latest Published Essay

Read it here.

In Other News

There’s lots going on, but not much that I can detail here quite yet. But it’s all pretty good stuff.

Yes, two poetry rejections came in this week, and there have been a couple of other project-related frustrations that shall remain unspecified here. Overall, though, I’m not complaining.

I hope that you’re all having a decent run these days, too.