Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Author Photo Reveal

I know, you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for this.

Presenting…a new author photo!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lavelle Photography

This is truly its debut—so far, the only place I’ve shared it is the online system where speaker-participants in Grub Street’s 2018 The Muse and the Marketplace conference have been asked to upload information.

I hope that you all like it!

One Year Later: An Anniversary Column

Last week brought my second “A Voice from the USA” column for the UK’s Jewish Chronicle. With Election Day approaching , a number of memories from “this time, last year” were on my mind.

So that’s what I wrote about.

(Since last week’s Midweek Notes I’ve also written and sent in to editors two other freelance pieces. I look forward to sharing those with you when they’re available.)

Back Soon

I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a few days. (Yes, it’s for something writing-related. No, I’m not going to say more about it just now.)

But I did want to give everyone a heads-up since I’m going to take a few days away from the blog while my attentions are thus engaged. I expect to be back “here” early next week.

Thank you for your patience, and have a great several days!

20 thoughts on “Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

  1. jsiebers says:

    Lovely new photo and solid essay. Have a nice few days away.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you!!!

  2. Sandy Soli says:

    Your friendly, charming self. Yes, that’s you! Love it.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      So sweet of you, Sandy! Thank you!

  3. Lisa Romeo says:

    Very nice pic! Good luck w/whatever you are up to, also! And congrats on the Muse & the Marketplace gig.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you so much, Lisa!

  4. Ellen Golub says:

    Great pic! Nice to catch up visually.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thanks, Ellen! Btw, I clicked over to your site. INTERESTING!

      1. Ellen Golub says:

        Thanks. About to do a major overhaul on the website. Check back in (realistically?) a month.

        1. Erika Dreifus says:

          Yes, caught the “under construction” notes. 😉

  5. I wonder about the pre-election opinion of Israelis you met on your trip. My German cousin (now an American citizen) took a trip to Germany last June and I asked her what family members still there think of our current president. Her unequivocal reply: “They hate him.”

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      I don’t recall meeting anyone who thought he was going to win.

  6. Asata says:

    Nice photo! I guess I’ll finally get to meet you in person as I’ll be attending MUSE for the third year in a row.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Oh, how wonderful! I’ve been absent from the Muse for the past couple of years. Happy to be returning.

  7. Nice photo, Erika. Very natural. You look relaxed and happy–(not one of those edgy poet photos!) How did you find the photographer?

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      We can credit my sister for that–I basically snuck a couple of shots into a family photo session she had arranged. The photographer was really lovely.

  8. I just found you and enjoyed what I have seen so far. SO sorry I must wait a few days to see what you have been up to. In the meantime, I guess I will just write for myself!

    Good luck in your endeavors.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thanks, Bonnie! Happy writing!

  9. Nice picture, but it is the soul behind it that has helped writers over the years tht shines through.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      What a sweet thing to say, Larry. Thank you!

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