Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer


As you’ll recall, my year of blogging for Poetry Has Value reached its end a number of months ago. But that didn’t make me stop sharing my poetry submission stats with you. Here’s the report for the month of December. (Spoiler alert: I do not anticipate continuing to track these metrics this way in 2018, so please enjoy this [for now] final set!)

It may be helpful for you to know that I work very hard to submit my work mainly to paying venues that don’t charge fees for journal/website publication. If you’re similarly looking for paying calls and contests that don’t charge submission fees, you’re always welcome to check my monthly newsletter (and my weekly “Monday Markets” posts on this blog).

On with the report:

Venues to Which I Submitted Poetry and Total Poems Submitted: (1) Prism (5 poems)

Rejections Received: (5) Arkansas International, Kenyon Review, Nashville Review, New Haven Review, Redivider

Acceptances: 0

Publications: 0

Money Spent: $0

Money Earned: $0

December TOTAL: $0

Total Money Spent in 2017: $0

Total Money Earned in 2017: $450

2017 TOTAL: $450 (down from the 2016 total of $517.65)

Total Submissions in 2017: 80 “packets” plus one full-length collection

Total Rejections in 2017: 69 

ICYMI: First Newsletter Issue of 2018

The January 2018 newsletter went out right on schedule on December 31. If you missed it, this issue will remain online until the February edition replaces it.

And a Quick Reminder

I’ll be hosting the January Jewish Book Carnival over on my “other” blog (My Machberet). To find out more—and possibly take part—please see the post I shared over there.