Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Just a few quick things:

  • The latest issue of The Practicing Writer went out to subscribers this morning. So if you’re already subscribing to this free newsletter, please check your inbox! If you’re not, you can find the new issue online until the next one replaces it. And you can learn more about the newsletter and follow easy subscription instructions here. (Bonus: New subscribers receive access to a writing-contest guide, “From A(lgren) to W(illiams) The Practicing Writer’s Guide to Eponymous Literary Contests and Competitions,”which features only fee-free opportunities that pay for winning work. I update this guide each February, so anyone who subscribes now is getting a super-current edition.)
  • Following in a few others’ footsteps, I’m taking on a new habit: providing ultra-short “book reviews” of my current reading. I’m doing this mainly because now that I’m building up my book-publicist practice I’m really not doing much (any?) “official” reviewing. But I still want to share some thoughts about what I read. You’ll find them gathered here.
  • A quick “thank-you” to the folks at Pen & Paper Writing for the nice shoutout on their “list of resources for writers.”
  • Hope you’re all having a good week!