Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers

Monday brings the weekly batch of no-fee, paying competitions, contests, and calls for submissions—plus jobs for those of us who write (especially those of us who write fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction).

  • “The 4 Types of Personal Essays Narratively Is Looking for Right Now.”
  • “NonBinary Review is a quarterly digital literary journal that joins poetry, fiction, essays, and art around each issue’s theme. We invite authors to explore each theme in any way that speaks to them: re-write a familiar story from a new point of view, mash genres together, give us a personal essay about some aspect of our theme that has haunted you all your life. We also invite art that will accompany the literature and be featured on our cover. All submissions must have a clear and obvious relationship to some specific aspect of the source text (a character, episode, or setting). Submissions only related by a vague, general, thematic similarity are unlikely to be accepted. We are open to submissions which relate to Kenneth Grahame’s 1908 book The Wind in the WillowsPlease bear in mind that we’re looking for pieces that relate to the BOOK ONLY. References movies or television shows will not be accepted.” Pays: “NonBinary Review pays 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 for poetry (singular poems or a suite) and $25 per piece of visual art, payable upon receipt of the signed publication contract. In return, we ask for worldwide serial rights and electronic publishing rights. NonBinary Review accepts previously published work as long as the original publication is clearly credited. All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their work appears.” NB: “If you are interested in your work appearing in our podcast, indicate in your submission that you are willing to appear in Alphanumeric. Pieces chosen for Alphanumeric will be recorded and be featured on our website as well as being included in the issue. Alphanumeric pays a flat fee of $15 per piece regardless of genre or length, and adheres to the same theme and style conventions as the current reading period for NonBinary Review. All contributors will receive a complimentary .pdf copy of the issue in which their work appears.” The deadline for this call is SOON (as in: tomorrow, July 24; the next issue’s theme will be Dante’s Inferno, and submissions for that issue will be open until October 24, 2018.
  • FYI: Since the July newsletter went out, Poetry magazine has announced that they’ll close submissions for the month of August. So hurry up and send them something if you were planning to do so during the summer!
  • Critical Read, which “tells the true stories of the fine, literary and performing arts,” is “looking for reported scenes, interviews and cultural history essays for our Fall 2018 issue, Origins. These stories should explain the unusual beginnings and/or forgotten histories of an artwork or art discipline we all think we know. Your story can be set in the present or the past. We’re looking for original reporting and meticulous research into the people, places and things that make noteworthy art. Origin stories that challenge preconceptions and uncover the true stories of art and art makers.” NB: “We seek to assign stories by mid-August. The stories are scheduled for publication in November 2018. Length will range from 800 to 2,000 words. We pay our writers.”
  • Critical Read is also open for “Artwork Biographies,” which “establish the facts of the work of art within a narrative framework. They balance opinion with research and reporting, but their emphasis is on storytelling. The work of art, not the writer’s opinion on it, should be the subject of the story.” These pieces “are typically assigned at 4,000-5,000 words. We pay up to $1 a word for these stories.”
  • Caught this one from Grace Bonney on Twitter: “Want to write for Good Company Mag? (paid of course!) We’re accepting pitches now for our 3rd issue: MONEY/Getting Paid. Please note: We focus on stories written by/about creatives from underrepresented communities. Send pitches by 8/15.”
  • Closing July 31: applications for the John Montague International Poetry Fellowship in Cork, Ireland. This fellowship is open to poets from outside Ireland, writing in English, who have published at least two full-length collections of poetry. “The successful fellow would benefit from the prestige of receiving a highly competitive international literary award which will not only allow the candidate to spend time concentrating on their own work but also to acquire experience in literary mentoring and the teaching of writing in an academic context. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to be inspired by living in one of Europe’s oldest cities, with a well-developed cultural infrastructure and a thriving literary community. The successful fellow would receive a monthly stipend of €2000, totalling €6,000 and self-catering accommodation. The costs of travel to and from Cork would also be covered.” NB: “The fellowship requires the poet to reside in Cork for twelve weeks and find time to work on their own writing. The poetry fellow would arrive in late January and depart late April. The fellow would contribute a public reading and a four-morning poetry masterclass to the Cork International Poetry Festival. During their twelve-week stay they would provide a 5-credit workshop with the creative writing department of University College Cork. Their mentoring duties would consist of devoting two hours each, per week, to two Cork poets over eight weeks (32 hours total). They will be welcomed into the literary and social life of the city where they will have the opportunity to network with resident established writers. They would present a farewell public reading at the Boole Library of University College Cork.”
  • All Voices Fellowships are offered for participation in the Splendid Mola Writing Retreats in Idyllwild, California. “The award is one free spot on the Splendid Mola Writing Retreat, including all lodging, meals, snacks, yoga, and anything else a paying registrant would receive. There are two fellowships per retreat. Lodging is usually a double occupancy room with a shared bathroom, but if you have needs that require your own room or bath, that is also possible.” NB: Travel costs to and from the retreat are not included. Apply no later than 30 days before the start date of each retreat, and note the following: “You may either apply for a specific retreat…or if you are able to attend any of the retreats, you may request that your application be considered for the next three upcoming retreats. If you are not able to attend all listed upcoming retreats, please request only the retreats for which you are available.” (Thanks to @lmecham for the lead on this one.)
  • Publishers Weekly, the international news platform of the book publishing industry, is looking for freelance book reviewers” in multiple categories. Pays: “an honorarium per review.”
  • The School of Visual Arts in New York is looking for an Editorial Associate.
  • The English Department at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, seeks a Senior Program Coordinator.
  • In Chicago, “United States Artists (USA) is currently seeking a full-time Communications Manager who will work directly with our President & CEO to manage the organization’s internal and external messaging. This position will be responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing communications programs to effectively describe and promote our mission and vision.
  • “The Department of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor in Poetry. The position is a full-time, three-semester position, with a proposed start date of January 1, 2019 and extending through May 15, 2020, with the possibility of renewal.”