Friday Finds for Writers

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Writing-related resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

  • A free online memoir summit happened yesterday. Maybe you missed it? But according to this Brevity blog post, the sessions will remain accessible online until November 12, so you can still catch them.
  • In which Jane Friedman responds to questions about common traps for writers, author websites, and the best monetary investment she’s ever made as a writer.
  • New addition to the blogroll: Ron Slate’s “On the Seawall.” As Ron explains: “I launched On The Seawall in 2007 as a site for my personal page and occasional comment, but as my involvement with commentary grew along with the size of the site’s readership, On The Seawall soon evolved into a regularly refreshed book review site. In the spring of 2018, as the old and unfixable code underlying the site began to break down, I considered three options: shut down, rebuild On The Seawall as it stands, or apply the resource and direct the site’s audience to a broader purpose. After discussing the potential with my friends, I decided to relaunch On The Seawall to accommodate diverse commentary, new writing across genres, and art. In particular, the site will present and discuss poetry, innovative fiction, literature in translation, and cultural discussion via essays and reviews.”
  • Advice from Kerrie Flanagan on “how to market your book with magazine articles.”
  • And of course, you’ll discover a fresh set of Jewish-literary links today over on the My Machberet blog.
  • Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend. And, just so you know—I’ll be traveling over the next several days, and will return to blogging sometime next week.