Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things:

1. The past week brought another rejection of my first full-length poetry manuscript. BUT, my to-do list includes completing submissions to three venues with upcoming deadlines before year’s end. AND, among the nice feedback I’ve had to my latest piece (more about that below), I’ve received a couple of additional suggestions/leads to check out. And I will do so!

2. The aforementioned piece, in case you haven’t yet seen it: “On Being a Jewish American Writer in 2018.”

Cover image for AS ONE FIRE CONSUMES ANOTHER by John Sibley Williams3. Returning to poetry for a moment (but not my poetry): At times this past week, it seemed that I simply couldn’t keep up with the Pushcart nominations that were coming in for the work of John Sibley Williams. I’m working with John to publicize his forthcoming collection As One Fire Consumes Another (to be released April 2019 from Orison Books; available for pre-order now), so, as I explained to him, even if he may feel uncomfortable broadcasting these data, it is entirely within my purview (indeed, it’s my duty!) to do so:

Pushcart nominations this year: 7.
Pushcart nominations total to date: 19.

This might be a good time to mention that Orison is preparing a limited number of galleys. Digital galleys, and, in due course, some review copies of the finished book will be available. Please do contact me if you’re interested in covering this prolific (and prolifically Pushcart-nominated) poet and his impressive work.