Midweek Notes from This Practicing Writer

Three quick things:

1. Book Promo and Good Client News

Things continue to be busy in my book-publicity practice. (Which is good for me, and more important, good for my clients.) Lots of interesting nibbles from great outlets lately. Plus, one of the writers I’m working with, John Sibley Williams, is now able to go public with news of his latest award: the Wabash Prize in Poetry from Sycamore Review. Congratulations to John, whose (also prize-winning) collection, As One Fire Consumes Another, will be out from Orison Books less than two months from now!

2. A Little Bit About My Own Poetry Practice

Insofar as my own poetry is concerned, during the past week I’ve placed a previously published poem with the wonderful 929 website (I’ll let you know when this piece, the second that I’ll have on 929, is up later this month). And I’ve sent my full-length manuscript to another publisher, which means that the work is currently under review with five publishers/contests (and there’s a query with a sampling of the manuscript with a sixth). Please think encouraging thoughts for me!

3. Jewish KidLit

Since I continue to harbor a hope/wish/intention to write Jewishly-focused work for younger audiences, I was delighted to catch an announcement of a Twitter chat series being hosted this month by the PJ Library. The first chat, with an emphasis on #DiverseJewishKidLit, unfolded last Thursday night. If the subject interests you, too, tune in for the remaining chats. (So far, I’m lurking more than I’m tweeting. I’m trying to “listen” and learn.)