Sunday Sentence

I am running behind on EVERYTHING this week, and so, I’m sorry to say, I haven’t managed to select a single Sunday Sentence yet.

In its place, may I humbly submit a cross-post from the “Words of the Week” feature on my other blog, My Machberet. (For what it may be worth, I don’t always manage to post that feature every week, either.)

“It took me a long time to realize this, but I feel I have learned that the key to living with the flu is not to let my Jewish identity be defined by anti-Semitism. A Jewish life defined only by anti-Semitism, even the righteous fight against anti-Semitism, is a curse.

For Jews confronting the disease, the most important thing to remember and to share is the beauty of Judaism. Tweet a recipe, a book, a novel, not just your fury. Attend a Shabbat dinner, host one, light the Sabbath candles. Don’t just sit there seething; slip into the morning prayers, if only to meditate; say a blessing over a glass of water, as a point of mindfulness; or do whatever it is that you most identify with from Jewish culture or tradition. A bagel, an old song, even a joke. It all has healing power.”

Source: Ben Judah, “Europe’s Ubiquitous Anti-Semitism” (The Atlantic)