Sunday Sentence

In which I participate in David Abrams’s “Sunday Sentence” project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, “out of context and without commentary.”

Today he was drinking tea and watching checkers, why ruin a nice afternoon worrying about tomorrow?

Source: David Bezmozgis, “Minyan”

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sentence

  1. Clive Collins says:

    I like the mix of active and passive in the sentence, and then the preference for the pleasures of the present over the troubling uncertainties of the future. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for the link to what is a very fine story by a writer who is entirely new to me. The story is one to savour. Another sentence that caught my fancy on a first read? “Herschel seemed oblivious to the conspiracies that were threatening to turn his tragedy into disaster.”

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Clive, there were so many sentences that I was tempted to choose! And if I’m the one who has introduced you to Bezmozgis’s work, well, that’s definitely a good deed done for the day.

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