Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things.

1. Yesterday brought my “first day of school”—the first meeting of the undergraduate class I’m teaching on “21st-Century Jewish Literature.” So a great deal of my time and effort these past several days went toward preparation. (Spoiler: I survived!)

2. On Monday, though, I did manage to draft an essay/op-ed, which is something that I don’t think I’ve done for a while. I’m hoping that it will find a home, but one never knows.

3. And in the spirit of last week’s post, I’ll say that once again, I suspect that some of my most “meaningful” writing this week won’t be published: Having just learned about the imminent retirement of someone who made a difference in my life (and in the lives of many others) during his 50+ years of work at the college I attended, I wrote a brief note and dropped it in the mailbox. I hope that it reaches him before the announced September 1 retirement date—but if it doesn’t, I’ll trust his office to forward it to him.