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“In Vindman, we see one of us: We see a person who graduated from the same schools as we did, the schools of herring on black bread, of Brighton Beach apartments, of Russian television, of hardworking parents. We see a product of similar stories: a Judaism of whispers, often defined by a lone Sholom Aleichem book; the stories of relatives who disappeared; the family members who applied for exit visas, seeking freedom, for which they were thrown out of the Party, for which they were blasted in the Komsomol newspaper as traitors, ‘enemies of the state’.

Yet now, in a cosmic twist of fate, Vindman finds himself in a situation not so different from that of his grandparents: persecuted by the executive branch of the very country his father hoped would offer a life of peace.”

Source: Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, “The Devastating Irony of the Impeachment Hearings for Russian Jews” (Forward.com)

2 thoughts on “Words of the Week

  1. Jacquie Herz says:

    This is what scares me. My Jewish paranoia is ratcheting up!

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      You are not alone.

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