Words of the Week

“But, OK. I’ll say it: ‘As a Jew, I am pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

What does that mean? It means understanding the nuances of the conflict, of retaining historical memory of lost chances for peace. It means recognizing the pain of the other, and acknowledging that there are voices lost.

Rep. Tlaib could be building bridges between the Muslim and Jewish communities of Metro Detroit, and she’s failing. I urge her to reconsider her approach.”

Source: Howard Lovy, “Tokenism Is Racism—Except for Jews” (Forward)

Words of the Week

“Israel is in the Middle East.

That may sound like one of the more banal opening sentences to an article, but it’s a fact, argues Matti Friedman, that seems to continually elude many commentators and critics of Israel, many Diaspora Jews who pronounce themselves baffled by some of Israel’s actions and policies, and, indeed, many Israelis themselves.”

Source: David Horovitz’s introduction to an interview with Matti Friedman (Times of Israel)

Words of the Week

“Nothing about this is remotely pro-Israel. It is precisely the opposite. In a country where Israel is already facing an uphill battle with younger and more progressive Americans, where minorities are becoming a larger percentage of the population, and where Trump is the most unpopular president of modern times, bringing Israel out of the blue into his racist demagoguery is one of the most anti-Israel acts that he could possibly commit.”

Source: Michael Koplow, “Trump Is Using Israel to Shield His Racism” (Forward)