Words of the Week: Max Boot

“I hesitate to hurl accusations of ‘antisemitism,’ and I freely admit that it is fair to criticize Israeli actions (I do so myself). But there is no denying that BDS supporters display a strange, selective animus against the Jewish state. They should do some soul-searching about why they are more anti-Israel than many Arab states.”

Source: Max Boot, “The BDS Movement Shows Its Hypocrisy by Boycotting Israel but Not China” (The Washington Post)

Words of the Week: Dara Horn

“It’s apparently in poor taste to point out why people like Mr. Simentov wind up as ‘Last Jews’ to begin with: People decided they no longer wanted to live with those who weren’t exactly like themselves. Nostalgic stories about Last Jews mask a much larger and darker reality about societies that were once ethnic and religious mosaics, but are now home to almost no one but Arab Muslims, Lithuanian Catholics or Han Chinese. It costs little to wax nostalgic about departed Jews when one lives in a place where diversity, rather than being a living human challenge, is a fairy tale from the past.”

Source: Dara Horn, “What Happens When the Last Jew Leaves Afghanistan” (The New York Times)