Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick things:

1. Discount alert! If you’re interested in the book-promo webinar that I’ll be teaching in March, Hidden Timber Books is offering a sweet deal if you enroll in two others as well (topics: “How to Get a Literary Agent” with Allison K. Williams and “Breaking Out of the Slush Pile,” with Catherine Lundoff). The 15% discount for the bundle of three events runs until January 29.

2. Work-in-progress: Thanks for the support in response to the worry I expressed last week about an essay-in-progress. I actually had something of a breakthrough with the piece on Friday (or so I thought). Since it is pretty timely, I began sending it out. So far, two rejections. It’s with three other venues right now. Fingers crossed.

3. Unexpected benefit: I didn’t know that this would be an option when I signed on to teach undergraduates last semester, but at some point before classes ended, I received a notice from the college’s Center for Teaching and Learning with news about an on-campus “writing retreat” for faculty that would take place in January. I’m attending that retreat today!

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