Words of the Week: Andrew Silow-Carroll

“Whenever I write about [The New York] Times, people will insist that the paper is anti-Semitic (it isn’t) and boast that they cancelled their subscriptions long ago. So I’ll be clear: The New York Times is essential reading, never more so than now. There isn’t a newspaper on earth with more resources and more talent to shine a light in dark places and reveal things the powers-that-be would prefer remain secret. Even if you disagree with its opinion pages and feel the paper has an institutional news bias, you need to be aware of what The Times is reporting, if for no other reason than because it sets the agenda for other news outlets, and can get to places no one else can get to.

That being said, weird things keep happening on the opinion desk, and I’d rather engage and point that out than remain ignorant of what’s really happening here and around the world.”

Source: Andrew Silow-Carroll