Words of the Week

It took me a few days to get to this Kveller piece, where I was reminded that January 9 marked the 10th anniversary of the passing of Debbie Friedman: “If you grew up in the Reform movement…you are undoubtedly familiar with the singer-songwriter’s vast and gorgeous musical repertoire. Influenced by folk artists like Peter, Paul, and Mary, Friedman’s music is modern, moving, and wide-ranging, from the soothing and somber ‘Mi Shebeirach‘ to the raucous and joyous ‘Miriam’s Song.'”

Moreover, at a time when “all of us are craving some warmth and healing,” revisiting the music and lyrics of Debbie Friedman’s oeuvre—as the Kveller piece, with its 10 clips, helps us do—is a marvelous balm.

May the memory of Debbie Friedman always be a blessing.

And because I can’t resist: one of my all-time favorite recordings of “Oseh Shalom,” from a tribute concert.