Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

Three quick notes from my desk.

1. Believe it or not, this time next week the April issue of The Practicing Writer 2.0 will be going out to subscribers. So this week I’m preparing and polishing the newsletter for all of you. Meantime, don’t neglect to catch any of the opportunities listed in the March issue that remain open!

2. I’m also monitoring submissions of—and starting to grade—my students’ midterm exams. (Administering an exam via Blackboard is quite the new experience.) After their exams are in, the last bit of work I’ve assigned before their spring break is streaming Louis Malle’s 1987 film Au revoir les enfants and reading Stanley Hoffmann’s (now-paywalled) essay-review about it—one of the first of Stanley’s writings that I encountered when I was a college student a million years ago. So I’m busy (re)watching and (re)reading, too, ahead of tomorrow’s class.

3. When the semester ends, the long-delayed “refresh” of Practicing Writer HQ will begin. So I’ve begun to collect these pieces of sturdy-paper-showing-various-paint-colors.

Pieces of paper that show various paint shades.
What are these called?

Is there a word to describe these items? If so, can someone please remind me what it is?

pieces of paper showing various paint shades

8 thoughts on “Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer

  1. Abby says:

    I think they’re called paint chips. Unclear how I know this since I’ve never painted anything.

  2. Anne says:

    Swatches or chips. Benjamin Moore says ‘color swatches.’

  3. Re: paint swatches–muted earthtones? Thanks for your helpful newsletter. Best, Marjorie

  4. The Factory Benjamin Moore in city Kwidzyn Poland got fire (roof). (But it does have nothing to do with culture!) Kwidzyn has huge castle from time of the Cross Knights. And this havea connection with Polish culture (pems and novel).
    Best wishes

  5. John Smistad says:

    Umm…so…maybe “Lover of Earth Tones”…just a guess, of course. ;}

  6. Erika Dreifus says:

    Believe me, people, there are plenty more (non-earthtones!) where these came from!

    1. John Smistad says:

      Oh, man…my MUCH better 1/2 is all about Earth Tones, our friend. Never met a “kinna lightish/toupeish-like…know what I mean?” she didn’t adore. LOL!

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