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Each Friday, the Practicing Writing blog shares writing and publishing resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

  • Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April.” Which is tomorrow!
  • Want to read a “deliriously wonderful publishing story”? Check Anne Trubek’s take on the success of Deesha Philyaw and her short-story collection, published by West Virginia University Press. (Scroll down to the midpoint of the newsletter for this story.)
  • I loved this piece by Cathi Hanauer about rereading Judy Blume’s books—I’m a few years younger than Hanauer, but plenty in the piece resonated.
  • “W.W. Norton has stopped shipping and promoting Blake Bailey’s biography of Philip Roth following allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against the author by a number of women. On Monday, Bailey’s literary agency, the Story Factory, dropped the author when those allegations first surfaced. Bailey has denied all allegations.” (Via Publishers Weekly)
  • And of course, you’ll find a fresh set of Jewish lit links over on the My Machberet blog (including some timely info for anyone who might want to submit poetry to the Jewish Book Council).

Have a great weekend.

Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."

2 thoughts on “Finds for Writers

  1. Sandra Soli says:

    Evidently, current events have changed the standard national policy to guilty until proven innocent. Rather a shame, I think.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Are you referencing the Bailey story, Sandra? I’ve just read this much more extensive article from The New York Times; it seems that in this case, where there’s smoke, there’s quite likely been fire:

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