Finds for Writers

Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."
Image of a wooden trunk, with text label that reads, “Finds for Writers” beside it

Each Friday, the Practicing Writing blog shares writing and publishing resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

  • In which Patricia Park, whose second novel will be published next week, includes several craft books when asked to identify five books she’ll never part with.
  • Making the rounds this week: the news that “Catapult has announced that it will shutter its eponymous online magazine and writing classes program.” 
  • A resonant excerpt from Stephen Marche’s new book, On Writing and Failure: Or, On the Peculiar Perseverance Required to Endure the Life of a Writer. (Which of course reminded me of this vintage item from my own archive.)
  • From Kathy Fish: “Ten tried and true tips” for writing terrific titles.
  • And of course, there’s a new set of Jewish literary links posted over on the My Machberet blog. (I can’t recommend Heidi Rabinowitz’s presentation “A Place at the Table: The Jewish Community Within the Library Diversity World” highly enough.)

Quick reminder that even as we’ve crossed the mid-month mark plenty of the opportunities listed in the February newsletter remain open for your consideration (and remember to check the supplementary Monday Markets posts, too). Have a great weekend, everyone.

Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."