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an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"
Image by Yedidia Klein from Pixabay

  • In which Sara Lippmann interviews Courtney Sender about Sender’s new short-story collection (for the Lilith blog).
  • Simon Parkin has been announced as the winner of this year’s Wingate Literary Prize for The Island of Extraordinary Captives (Sceptre).” This prize “is awarded to the best book, fiction or non-fiction, to translate the idea of Jewishness to the general reader. The Wingate Prize is the only UK literary prize of its kind and attracts nominations from all over the world.”
  • Call for submissions for Jews of Color in the United States: A Reader for Scholars and Communities: “We invite your submissions for a reader exploring the experience of Jews of Color in the United States. The collection will include both communal and scholarly voices. We are therefore open to a wide range of writing styles and genres, including academic essays, personal essays, journalistic writing, sermons, poetry, and rituals. Topically, we seek to include a broad range of pieces. These might describe personal life, family history, communities of Jews of Color, experiences of Jews of Color in predominantly white Jewish spaces, histories of Jews of Color, or rituals designed by and for Jews of Color. We are also interested in more theoretical pieces that could consider questions related to method, terminology, boundaries, antisemitism, critical race theory, and more. There is no minimum word count, the maximum word count is 6,000 words, and previously published pieces may be submitted for consideration. The collection will be edited by Rabbi Sandra Lawson, SooJi Min-Maranda, Samira Mehta, and Sarah Imhoff. To participate, please submit a proposal to samira(dot)mehta(at)colorado(dot)edu and to seimhoff(at)indiana(dot)edu by April 24, 2023. We will let you know whether your proposal has been accepted by June 1, 2023, and final submissions are due by December 14, 2023.” (Note: I’ve confirmed via Twitter that this is a nonpaying opportunity.)
  • “Since the attack on the West Bank town of Hawara earlier this month, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. And it’s not just the grief. Because grief is something we have plenty of in these parts. Heartbreaking pictures of terrorism and murder victims flicker across our TV screens every evening. But this time, something felt different. More ominous. As if the entire earth were trembling under my feet.” From Etgar Keret’s latest Substack (translated by Jessica Cohen).
  • And, right on schedule: the latest Jewish Book Carnival, hosted for the month of March by Barbara Bietz.

Shabbat shalom.

an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"

3 thoughts on “Jewish Literary Links

  1. Paul Beckman says:

    Dear Erika,

    My writing partner, Zvi A. Sesling (80), and I (78)have put together a manuscript of Jewish stories comprised mainly of flash fiction except for two stories each that are longer. Can you recommend an independent publisher that publishes Jewish fiction?

    Paul Beckman

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Congratulations on assembling the manuscript; I’m so sorry, but I can’t really offer much help here. You might want to research and find other (comparable) collections and see where they’ve been published. Databases and lists like and may also be helpful. Good luck!

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