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Each week in this space, Practicing Writing shares no-fee, paying markets for writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction: competitions, contests, and calls for submissions. These weekly posts complement monthly issues of The Practicing Writer newsletter, where you’ll always find more listings, none of them limiting eligibility to residents of a single municipality, state, or province. (But this blog does share those more localized opportunities, including jobs.)

As always, if you’d like to share a specific opportunity listed here, please credit the blog for the find. Thanks for respecting the time and effort that I put into researching, curating, and posting this information! I do notice, and I appreciate the courtesy.

NB: Im (trying to!) complete and polish up the November edition of The Practicing Writer 2.0, which should go out to subscribers Tuesday. In the meantime, please make sure you haven’t missed any of the still-open opportunities in the October newsletter or within recent weekly Markets & Jobs updates here on Practicing Writing.

  • Accepting submissions through October 31, Last Syllable “a literary journal that publishes long-form poetry, prose, and multi-modal works. We publish electronic issues biannually.” Pays: $20. (Hat tip:
  • Also with an October 31 deadline: Canada-based Over/Exposed: “Open to writers internationally, we are focused on the publication of works that are vulnerable, experimental, a little bit weird and sexy.” Pays (as detailed in their FAQ): “a small honorarium of CAD $15 via PayPal.” (Hat tip: @Duotrope.)
  • Spread the Word is pleased to announce that applications are now open for London-based deaf and disabled writers to apply for the 2024 Deptford Literature Festival Deaf and Disabled Writers’ Commissions. The deadline for applications is: Tuesday 7 November at 1pm.” Fees and other benefits detailed on the site.
  • Become a juror for the century-old Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the nonprofit organization that presents the Awards, is seeking jurors to select the national award winners. The Awards give students opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Past award winners include Tschabalala Self, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, José Parlá, Amanda Gorman, Charles White, Joyce Carol Oates, and Andy Warhol. The national writing judging will be asynchronous, virtual, and remote and will take place January 23-29.
    Jurors are eligible for a $100 honorarium. The deadline to apply is November 17.”
  • “Sefaria, a non-profit organization dedicated to building the future of Torah in an open and participatory way, seeks a full-time Communications Specialist….The Communications Specialist may be based anywhere in the US.”
  • “The University of Cincinnati Clermont College English, Languages, and Fine Arts Department seeks applications for the position of Visiting Assistant Professor of English. Faculty responsibilities for this position include teaching of Composition at all levels, Fiction Writing, and Contemporary Fiction. Secondary areas of interest may include Creative Nonfiction, Professional Writing, or Technical Communication. Candidates must provide evidence of college-level teaching experience (graduate teaching assistant, adjunct or full-time faculty experience). Teaching load will consist of Composition classes, Creative Writing classes and other classes as needed.”
  • “Eastern Oregon University’s Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing is seeking experienced Part-time Online Educators with expertise in poetry and/or nonfiction.”
  • Drexel University’s low-residency MFA program “is looking for writers who work in different styles and genres, such as literary fiction, fantasy, humor, historical fiction, sci fi, suspense, young adult, etc. to be hired as adjunct faculty. The MFA is also looking for publishing industry professionals to teach professional development electives and courses.” 
on a tabletop: a keyboard, a mug of coffee, and a wallet with cash, plus a text label announcing Markets and Jobs for Writers

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  1. Laurie Rosen says:

    I appreciate your diligence at such a difficult time. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us informed.
    Most importantly, I appreciate the articles you’ve shared regarding the current crisis.
    Again, thank you…

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you so much, Laurie. (As for the articles–please stay tuned.)

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