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an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"
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Toward the end of each week, the My Machberet blog presents a collection of links, drawn primarily from the world of Jewish books and writing.

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This week I discovered that Amiram Cooper—a resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz who, at 84, is among the oldest Israeli hostages captured by Hamas—is the author of three books of poetry and one children’s book (source: The Times of Israel). I’m trying to find out more, including whether his work has been translated into English. May he be returned home swiftly and safely.

And I learned that another Nir Oz resident, Israeli-American-Canadian Judih Weinstein Haggai—whose death was announced late last week and whose body remains captive in Gaza—was also a poet. You can find some of her work on her YouTube channel; you might begin with some poetry that she shared there last spring. May her memory—and that of her husband, Gadi Haggai, whose death was announced some days earlier—be a blessing.


Shabbat shalom.

an open book (with Hebrew pages visible); subtitle reads "Jewish Literary Links"

5 thoughts on “Jewish Literary Links

  1. Yes, may their memories be for a blessing. They are kedoshim. I wish it were otherwise.

  2. Barbara Kaplan Lane says:

    Thank you, Erika, for this post and for all you do for Jewish thought and literature. Your work has never been more important. ! ישר כח

  3. Erika Dreifus says:

    Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Larry Lefkowitz says:

    Haikus written in Judith Weinstein’s honor published on Voices Israel War Blog. she was a mermber of the poetry group.

  5. Heartwrenching but so important. Thank you.

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