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Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."
Image of a wooden trunk, with text label that reads, “Finds for Writers” beside it

Each week (typically Fridays), the Practicing Writing blog offers writing and publishing resources, news, and reflections to peruse over the weekend.

This week, exceptionally, I’m going to begin by cross-posting from yesterday’s “Jewish Literary Links” on My Machberet.

Reminder: If you haven’t checked it lately, you may want to peruse the “After October 7: Readings, Recordings, and More” document-in-progress. (Updates are frequent!) This may also be an appropriate week to mention anew the availability of some cautionary information (also in-progress), compiled under the title “Writers, Beware.”

May the weekend be less fraught for all.

Description: closed trunk and text label announcing, "Finds for Writers."

3 thoughts on “Finds for Writers

  1. Judy Bolton-Fasman says:

    Thank you for taking a leadership role in the Jewish literary community. Your voice is so important.

    1. Erika Dreifus says:

      Thank you, Judy!

  2. David Rosenberg says:

    Stay strong, Erica. The ignorance deepening among us is breathtaking. For instance, few have even a clue what the word Zion means and how it is embedded in the Bible. And in your heart, Erica.

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