New Travel E-zine Seeks Published Authors

Another market lead from Jen Leo at This time Ms. Leo spreads the word about Perceptive Travel. According to its writer’s guidelines, this e-zine “will be published bi-monthly, with four to six articles per issue, plus at least one travel-related book review and a few world music reviews.” Note that the editor is seeking submissions only from published book authors/anthology editors. Pay, for now, is $50 per article, on acceptance.

Market Lead from Jen Leo (

Here’s something Jen Leo has just posted over at It’s a newsy market lead about a new magazine called Wend. According to the media kit, Wend “is the new voice for the adventure lifestyle generation” that is “targeted at the urban adventure seeker residing in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC and all cities in between.” A quarterly publication, it will launch this spring. And, says Jen, it pays.

Web Wanderings

So I’ve been catching up on a few things as I wander around the Web. Here are a few writing opportunities I’ve stumbled on in the past few hours:

1) A few (1-3) freelance writers are sought for “an upcoming ‘Arts and Collecting’ issue of a 60,000-run custom business publication. The Spring issue is assigning storylines right now, and writers must be ready to accept assignments immediately. Deadline for work will be January 20, 2006. Compensation is $1.00/per word, payable upon publication in April, 2006.” Chicago-area writers are preferred, but others “with the right background” will be considered. For more information, click here.

2) And now for something completely different. Or different from an assignment that will pay $1.00/word, anyway. According to her craigslist post Sara Abrams is “preparing to publish a magazine in Charlotte for cat and/or dog lovers.” She seeks “some short articles or stories for [her] ‘dummy’ copy. Subject matter can be a story or an article based on grooming, vet care, etc.” $25 payment for a chosen story/article. Might be worth asking if she’ll take reprints….

3) And from The Writer magazine’s online forum comes this announcement from Linda Formichelli: “I’m working on a Chicken Soup Healthy Living book on back pain, and the editors are looking for touching, inspiring essays on–you guessed it–back pain!” Authors of selected essays will earn $200 on publication. Submit work by March 31, 2006. Read the full announcement here.

In related Web news…I want to thank Claire Zulkey over at the MBToolbox for highlighting some of my writing exercises. It’s always nice to know I might actually be helping other writers!

How to Write an Op-Ed (and Where to Send It)

If you’re writing opinion essays (and want to be publishing them), you might want to check out this Op-Ed Resource from the DeWitt Wallace Center at Duke University. The good news is that it offers plenty of tips for writing a good piece (and representative op-eds with explanations of why they’re effective). And you’ll also find plenty of information about newspapers, magazines, and websites that publish op-eds.

The not-so-good news is that the site doesn’t seem to have been updated very recently, so you’ll definitely need to double-check (and maybe “Google” to find new links for) the market information provided.

(Of course, if you’re seeking potential homes for your essays you can also consult our own Directory of Paying Essay Markets.)