Residency Notes: Post #3

At the end of my previous post in this series, I promised to tell you about the daily routine I followed while at the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation this fall.

Meals were served up at MacBarn three times each day (except for Sunday morning breakfast). So at 8AM, noon, and 6PM you’d find me (and everyone else) up there. All of us (the seven residents plus staff members) sat around a gorgeous table and ate. The cooking was very high-level (much fancier than I’m used to). Our first breakfast, for instance, included scrambled eggs; chicken and apple sausaged; hot blueberry muffins; English muffins; cereal; yogurt; fruit; juices; coffee/tea. In other words, there was something for everyone. Lunch was, thankfully, usually lighter! Dinners often included fish/seafood (absolutely fresh–we were in Maine, after all!). One happy night we had a huge lobster fest.

After breakfast I usually returned to “my” place and started working. Since Internet access was pretty limited (no high-speed connections; up at MacBarn I could use the “public” computers and in my Irish House room I dialed-up through my own account but that got expensive) I was able to focus a little better than I do at home! When I needed to research on the ‘net, though, I did get a little frustrated.

Anyway, I tended to take a quick jog late in the morning, just before lunch. The afternoon was more or less the same as the morning–writing and reading–though I often snuck a nap in, too. What a life!

Fridays had their own routine. After breakfast, we were all driven into the nearest town-with-a-laundromat (Damariscotta). We spent the morning doing our laundry (while my laundry was drying I usually walked on over to the nearby public library or bookstore or ran a couple of other small errands).

As you can probably tell, it was a relaxing, refreshing experience all around!