(A Qualified) Friday Find: The New Alliance of Artists Communities Web Site

In the latest Practicing Writer newsletter, I seconded Stephanie Elizondo Griest’s endorsement of the Alliance of Artists Communities Web site; I also noted that according to the home page, the site was about to be revamped.

Well, the overhaul seems pretty complete, and I’m sorry to report one big change: Unless I’m mistaken, you’ll now have to fork over a fee if you want to access the full profiles of the residency programs in the site’s database.

Boo. Hiss.

On the plus side, you can still access enough information so that you can jot down the names of programs and do your own Web search to learn more. And the database does seem to have expanded, including more programs that it did previously.

So let’s call this a qualified find.

And, as always, have a great weekend.