Paying Essay Markets E-book Giveaway Results

Congratulations to our giveaway winners:

Delia Lloyd, who wrote: “I have published personal essays in a wide variety of markets but have never managed to crack Slate. I think this is the best e-zine going and it takes loads of personal essays, albeit usually more newsy or culturally relevant than I tend to write. I vow to keep on trying! Meanwhile, thanks for your great website, publishing leads and resources.”

Kate Baggott, who wrote: “The market I am proudest of breaking into is the Home Forum at the Christian Science Monitor because it is such a fair publication./The market I have had the most success with is the Facts & Arguments column at the Globe and Mail. I know the style, the length and it’s raison d’etre like the back of my hand./The two markets I would most like to break into now are the “Meanwhile” column at the International Herald Tribune, but it’s so ecclectic that I am having trouble pinning down it’s essence, and the ‘Your Turn’ column at Maclean’s magazine because almost everyone I know reads it.”


Marian, who wrote: “Sounds like a great book! I will keep my fingers crossed that I win a copy. :)/My favorite genre of personal essay to write is spiritual. I don’t know if that is an officially recognized genre, but I write about my own experiences on my spiritual journey and about the experiences of others whom I interview or just happen to meet./Good luck to everyone in the drawing!”

Congratulations to these lucky winners, and thanks to everyone for participating (and for offering so many kind words about the blog). (Winners, please e-mail me to claim your prizes!)

2 thoughts on “Paying Essay Markets E-book Giveaway Results

  1. Kate says:

    I am thrilled! Thank you very much random number generator/Erika’s niece.

    Erika, I am trying to email you, please check your spam filter for my message from baggyk at yahoo dot com

  2. Erika D. says:

    You should be all set now, Kate!

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