Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer (and a Super-Short Break)

For those of you who may count on our post schedule, a quick heads-up: This will be the final post from Practicing Writing for a week. Expect the next post to arrive next Wednesday, May 18. This means that we’ll skip this Friday’s “Finds” post, the #SundaySentence, and next Monday’s “Markets and Jobs.” (No need to worry—everything’s fine, and I’ll be back!)

Now, for some quick updates.


Words of the Week: Giveaway Edition

Update, May 19: Thanks to all who entered this giveaway! The Random Number Generator has awarded the giveaway subscription to Michele J. Clark. (Michele, I’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your address.)

Normally, “Words of the Week” posts here on My Machberet share snippets from online discoveries that I’ve found to be particularly powerful. Often, these Jewishly-focused items are also Israel-focused.