Friday Find: The Writers Loft

As a writer who spent half her childhood (ages 9-18) in New Jersey, I am happy to spotlight this piece of literary NJ: The Writers Loft, located in Montclair.

I found out about The Writers Loft, “where creative people come to work,” from Lisa Romeo, who will be leading an essay-writing seminar there on December 10. (Lisa and I recently strengthened our bond as New Jersey writers when I attended a poetry reading she participated in at my hometown library. Such fun!)

If I were still living in ye olde suburban town, I’d definitely look into The Writers Loft. Perhaps those of you in the Garden State will wish to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Friday Find: The Writers Loft

  1. Jed Hunt says:

    Hi Erika,
    I found your blog through Deonne’s (Life on the Highwire) and I really enjoy it.

    I linked to you.

  2. Kristen Kemp says:

    Wow! Thank you. I love the Writers Loft, but I’m biased. I run the place. Our goal is to be a meaningful addition to the community and the community’s writers, much like Writers Room and Paragraph in New York City. Lisa Romeo is fantastic, too.

  3. Erika D. says:

    Hi, Jed–Welcome to Practicing Writing, and thanks for the comment (and link).

    And Kristen–thanks for telling us more about the Writers Loft.

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