Jewish Fiction Writers’ Conference

I am proud to tell you that I will be one of the presenters taking part in the Jewish Fiction Writers’ Conference scheduled for Sunday, March 15, 2009, in New York City. Here’s a brief event description:

If you write adult fiction for the Jewish market, this conference is for you. Meet and network with top publishing professionals, including publicist Shira Dicker (Shira Dicker Media International), writer Erika Dreifus (The Practicing Writer), literary agent David Forrer (Inkwell Management), publicity director/acquiring editor Cary Goldstein (Warner Twelve), author Jeffrey Hantover, editor Lara Heimert (Basic Books), editorial director Altie Karper (Schocken Books/Random House), author Binnie Kirshenbaum (Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts), author Liel Leibovitz, publisher Elisabeth Scharlatt (Algonquin Books) and author Darin Strauss. Whether you are a new author or have already been published, meet experts who can help you get your work into print.

My presentation will focus on “Publishing Your Jewish Short Stories,” and it will include plenty of advice and resources based on my own experiences publishing Jewish-themed short fiction in magazines and journals.

Registration is now open. Click here for details! I hope to see some of you on March 15!